Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Making Of A Beauty Mogul

Like reality shows? Of course you do. Get ready for a new one, coming this Fall: "The Making Of A Beauty Mogul" was created by 24 year-old millionaire and beauty mogul Taysha Smith Valez. Taysha became a millionaire at the age of 21. She is the CEO and President of H.Couture Beauty. Now she is helping 4 other women do the same, all in front of a national television audience.

In a press release, Taysha said, "The goal with this show is to take away all of the excuses that people give themselves for why they can't create a successful business. We give them all the professsionals they need to build their product and bring it to market and see who suceeds. Our goal is to have 4 new millionaires by the end of the show. All the women have to do is show up, do the work and have the drive to succeed."

Taysha believes that her system of helping people become millionaires is virtually failure-proof. "The only way for one of these women to fail is if they don't put forth all their effort. They will have the ability to get funds, pitch their ideas to the top people in the industry, develop their products and market them. We give them everything they need, and we hope for this show to be an inspiration for millions of other people who are thinking about starting their own business," she said.

The show won't air on TV until the Fall, but if you can't wait, the DVD of the first season will actually be available to ship in April. Click here to purchase it. I'm not much of a reality show fan myself. I think I'll pass on the DVD, but I am just a wee bit curious about all of this. I think I'll make a note on my calendar to look for it in my TV listings later this year.

Buzzing off for now...