Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Scent for Spring

Today is the first day of Spring and I cannot wait until the weather warms up even more! I believe having the right scent goes hand in hand with the new season. The right scent for me? Beauty Rush's Body Double Mist, by Victoria's Secret.

This fragrance comes in an array of flavors, from Strawberry Fizz to Candy Baby, but my favorite is Slice of Heaven. It has that sweet, yet subtle smell of vanilla. The mist has two layers of skin conditioners that also give off that sexy scent. No matter how much you put on, you won't smell like you've bathed in it-that's how light it is!

I've had my bottle for 7 months now and I still have more than half left, even though I use this fragrance often! They sell it in the stores and online, so click here to check it out! Right now Victoria's Secret is having an online sale where you could buy any 2 of the body mist, body glimmer wash, or body whip moisture cream for $18. Or perhaps you can make a trip to the store because they're always having a sale on their beauty products. Happy Spring!