Monday, July 14, 2008

A Great Evening Fragrance

I tried Jo Malone's Dark Amber cologne a few months back at Sniffapalooza. The rep explained to me that it's their evening fragrance and I could smell why. It's part of their Kohdo Wood Collection, and it has a unique smell. They describe the scent as a "sensual and calming blend that encourages a sense of tranquility." There is a dark essence to it, but it's not too powerful, as if you'd smell like you bathed in it.

To me, this fragrance is more flirty than any other with a floral scent. I love floral scents, but it's good to switch it up sometimes. Dark Amber complements an exciting evening out, and I am sure people will notice it. I know it will be perfect for the awards ceremony I'm going to this week! If you purchase online, complimentary shipping and a cologne sample of your choice is included. Enjoy!