Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fresh Umbrian Clay Bath Powder

It’s important for me from time to time to soak in a bath. What a great way for me to de-stress and relax muscles that became tense from life. I usually pour Epsom salt to take me to nirvana, but then I stumbled upon something that takes me even further. Someone gave me Fresh Umbrian Clay Bath Powder a couple of weeks ago. When you pour the powder (which is made of White Clay, from the Umbria region of Italy) into the water, it's supposed to transform into a mud bath, which draws out toxins and impurities, while regenerating the skin.

I was skeptical; I felt that the Epsom Salt did that already, big deal. After about five minutes of soaking, I didn’t feel a difference—that was until I lifted my feet out of the water. I always do that, but this time it was unusual. My feet felt very heavy, as if the water was pulling my leg back in. I never had that sensation before with Epsom salt. I started thinking, “Maybe this Umbrian Clay does pull out impurities, because I’m definitely feeling a pull.”

I kept testing this “pulling effect” with both legs, and then just gave into the feeling and relaxed. After I finished, I felt lifted and light. I slept so well that night. I told my friend about my “pulling experience” and she said that many people describe that feeling when they take mud baths. I was very impressed with the Fresh Umbrian Clay Bath Powder, I’d definitely give it a try again.

Bee Beautiful!


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